Macroeconomics (Graduate)

Below are some lecture slides, problem sets, datasets, and more. All organized by topic.

Models, Data, and Economics (Slides, ProblemSet, EmpRate55to64.csv, UnempRate15to24.csv, BasicNK_simul.csv, Extra1)

Optimization, Lagrangians, and Stochastics (Slides, ClassNotes, StochasticsNotation, Problem Set, Hall1978_Consumption.csv)

Basic Real Business Cycle model: 1. Measuring Booms and Recessions (includes calibration; Slides1, ProblemSet1; BusCycStats_Data_AA.csv: AU, DE, ES, NZ, US; Measuring Recessions – Incomplete)

Basic Real Business Cycle model: 2. Failures and Successes (includes numerical solution; Slides2, ProblemSet2BasicRBC_SocialPlanner (mod-file))

Basic New-Keynesian model: 1. Money and Inflation (Slides1, ProblemSet1; Measuring the Effects of Monetary Policy handout (with Q), Phillips Curve handout; EffectOfMonetaryPolicy_SVARdata.csv)

Basic New-Keynesian model: 2. Monetary Policy (Slides2, ProblemSet2; EstimTaylorRule_Data_AA.csv: AU, EZ, NZ, UK, US)

Topics A:

Topics B: