Macroeconomics (Adv. Undergrad)

Below are some lecture slides, problem sets, datasets, and more. All organized by topic.

Economic Growth I: Comparing Economic Performance, Two-Period Consumption-Savings Model (Slides1, Slides2, ProblemSet; LongerMathRevisionSlides)

Economic Growth II: Solow Model of Economic Growth, Convergence (Slides1, Slides2, ProblemSet, DataSet(xls), DataSet(gretl))

Economic Growth III: Income and Welfare, Growth the Environment and Sustainability (Slides1, Slides2, ProblemSet)

Economic Growth IV: Education, Creativity, and Innovation (Slides1, Slides2, ProblemSet)

Economic Growth V: Other Causes of Growth, Markets and Government (Slides1, Slides2, ProblemSet)

General Equilibrium (Slides, ProblemSet)

Fiscal and Debt (SlidesDebt, SlidesFiscal, ProblemSet)

Unemployment (Slides)

Monetary (Slides1, Slides2, Slides3, Slides4, ExtraSlides, ProblemSet)

Inequality (Slides1_Income, Slides2_Wealth, Slides3_SocialMobility, Slides4_JudgingInequality)

Extra practice Lagrangian problems: (Document)