Macroeconomics (1st Year Undergraduate)

Below are some lecture slides.
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Week 1: Intro and GDP (Slides1A, Slides1B)

Week 2: Aggregate Expenditure (Slides2A, Slides2B)

Week 3: Investment-Savings, Interest Rates, Money (Slides3A, Slides3B)

Week 4: Money & Interest Rates, Monetary Policy (Slides4A, Slides4B)

Week 5: Nominal & Real, Aggregate Demand and Aggregate Supply (Slides5A, Slides5B)

Week 6: Unemployment, Phillips Curve (Slides6A, Slides6B)

Week 7: Dynamics – How the Economy reacts to Shocks, Great Recession (Slides7A, Slides7B)

Week 8: Dynamics – Fiscal Policy, Long-Run (Slides8A, Slides8B)

Week 9: Exchange Rates, Interest Parity (Slides9A, Slides9B)

Week 10: Exports and Imports (Slides10A, Slides10B)

Week 11: Trade (Slides11A, Slides11B)

Week 12: Microfoundations (Slides12A, Slides12B)