Computing, especially GPUs, for Economists

Following are some explanations and codes for Economists who want to learn a bit about Matlab/Parallelization/GPUs. You can either click the links to view them online as html, or download the Matlab notebooks (the .mlx ‘live scripts’; or even the m-files)

If you are trying to decide what you should try to parallelize, vectorize, or otherwise improve in your code then use a profiler to see what is currently taking all the time: Matlab: Profiling for Improving Performance

Some loosely related more advanced pieces:

If you have no experience with Matlab check out the Matlab Academy, or if you want a formal intro to programming concepts you might try: Introduction to Programming with MATLAB (Coursera Course).
Or the following two pdfs I created: Intro to Matlab; AR(1) with Matlab. Or a Matlab-Python-Julia cheatsheet.